Eastern Domain Group, formerly known as Eastern Capital, was founded in 1989 and headquartered in London, UK, is a global private equity investment agency that manages more than $ 100 billion in private equity investment, including approximately $ 50 billion in assets. There are 78 branches of the company, covering more than 30 countries and regions, mainly engaged in various types of financial products and services, including overseas insurance, overseas securities, pensions, private equity fund management, banking and investment immigration and other comprehensive Financial Services.

      Eastern Capital is highly responsible, focused on research attitudes, and provides tailor-made investment solutions to customers around the world. Is committed to serving the ultra-high net worth of the elite team, a number of international well-known enterprises, independent management, has formed wealth management, asset management, investment banking, private equity, Internet finance multi-service line, for more than 150,000 high net worth customers We provide comprehensive financial services such as wealth management, overseas asset allocation, overseas securities, overseas insurance, pensions, overseas immigrants, banks and trusts to help our clients achieve stable and safe growth.


      Over the past few years the company in a number of areas around the world have a lot of funds involved and investment, the establishment of a long-term good strategic partner. Relying on a number of professional international financial institutions and international financial platform to help, with a wide range of overseas resources, a wide range of business platforms and professional market analysis, project planning and other advantages, to provide customers with a full range of financial services

Introduction of Eastern Group

Eastern Capital is a global private equity investment agency that manages more than $ 100 billion in private equity investment allocations, including approximately $ 50 billion in assets.
Companies rely on a number of professional international financial institutions and international financial platform to help, with a wide range of overseas resources, a wide range of business platforms and professional market analysis, project planning and other advantages, to provide customers with a list of funds to solve the program; The management of the financial sector, many members of the elite, wholeheartedly management philosophy, high standards and high quality, in accordance with the professional, regional, international and innovative management practices to help and support enterprises and individuals in the entrepreneurial stage preparation, Integration, restructuring, transformation, in the case of shortage of funds flow, the rapid expansion of funds to promote the rapid development and value-added services.

Meet the changes, the courage to innovate

The strategic plan for the internationalization of the Eastern Group has begun to take shape: offices in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, the United Arab Emirates and Thailand, in Korea, Japan, Kenya, Ethiopia, Central African Republic, South Sudan, Madagascar, Guinea , Argentina and other countries, as well as Hong Kong, Macao region set up a localized consulting, branches, to achieve a real sense of the international business.


The Group has established strategic cooperation and business cooperation with many senior financial enterprises in the world through the "East Asia International Cooperation Seminar" held in Hong Kong, expanding the international financial business and providing specialization in more than 60 countries and regions Asset management services;


Of today's international economic and trade, 95% are financial transactions and 5% are physical transactions. International financial services play a decisive role in international economic development. In the past 20 years, under the influence of financial liberalization policy, the international financial service environment has become more and more relaxed and perfect. Many countries have relaxed the development of financial investment polygons, so that the financial investment service area is expanded and the investment channels are wider. Financial enterprises to provide comprehensive services to the direction of all-round financial channels.

Group Culture Column

Group vision

East Investment Group to "financial industry services global" as the goal, uphold the internationalization of professional business philosophy, and constantly expand the international financial business in the world hundreds of countries to provide specialized asset financial management services;
Prior to 2020, the Group became the world's largest financial investment group, creating the greatest wealth value for all stakeholders, including shareholders, customers, investors and employees.

Group plans

The Group plans to expand its group offices by 2020 and aggressively explore the global market and market in the United States.
In the United States added five financial investment branches;
10 new financial investment branches in Hong Kong and Macau;
5 new financial investment branches in the UAE;
5 new financial investment branches in Singapore;
5 new financial investment branches in the UK;

Group mission

Dongfang Capital to build a global well-known financial brand, so that every shareholder investors in the group's financial industry to obtain huge receipts, the Group operating in accordance with the law, law-abiding business, strict compliance with national laws and regulations and related policies to carry out the Group's business, The country in the financial development strongly support the guidance and call to actively promote the rapid development of the global financial industry;

Group objectives

With the rapid response capability, a strong sense of urgency and a high degree of responsibility, we are anxious customers worry about, customers would like to think. Can not do things, never made a promise; once the promise, we must make a statement.
East domain group to expand the international market for the majority of investment shareholders to create the greatest return on profits for global shareholders to provide customers with a richer financial management business and better services.

Group social responsibility

Social responsibility

     Group development for more than 20 years, as a full of hope with the ideal of the ship, toward the "global development" ideals, and constantly wind and waves, sail forge ahead. East people honest and pragmatic, to create a brand quality, in good faith to win the market.
     Group has always uphold the "service first, integrity first" purpose of the work to "global market positioning" business philosophy, integrity services for business-oriented, will be different as an instinct to make innovation and customer needs, market Actual docking.
     Group has always been for the sake of customers, more than 20 years of integrated services, meticulous, excellence, cast a group after batch of customers have been millions of wealth, so that we won the trust of our customers, access to the industry The recognition and respect, formed based on the global financial market financial diversification business development.

     The development of the East Group of the road is to pursue the dream of sailing trajectory. East will be a better service, excellent performance, return customers, return shareholders, social returns.


Group development process



   Team Introduction

                Eastern Capital has more than 190 professionals in more than 20 offices in Hong Kong, Macau, London, San Diego, New York, Perth, San Francisco, Sao Paulo, Bangkok, Seoul, Sydney, Tokyo and Toronto. The company takes advantage of the experience and perspectives of the entire Eastern team to drive decision-making processes and risk management. Our investors will also benefit further from the company's 50 partners' market understanding and experience.

Group development

Group development

Global insurance services

Wealth Management Services

Private equity fund management services

Investment immigration service

Bank trust service

Global real estate investment

  • Global insurance

    Global insurance

    Dongfang Capital is a leading diversified financial services group in Hong Kong. It is committed to providing diversified property insurance and life insurance products to individual and corporate cli

  • Wealth management business

    Wealth management business

    As a venture capital firm, Eastern Capital has worked tirelessly to become the best multinational investment company in the UK. With the excellent use of performance and the main UK pension funds and

  • Private equity fund management business

    Private equity fund management business

    Eastern Capital's Private Equity business ("SPE") specializes in the use of highly rigorous research methods to build investment portfolios for senior investors around the world, including p

  • Investment immigration business

    Investment immigration business

    Dongfang Group and a number of professional immigration agencies signed a strategic cooperation agreement, the establishment of overseas customer service team, professional investment for immigrants 2

  • Bank trust service

    Bank trust service

    The Dongfang Group cooperated with a number of bank trusts and reached a strategic partnership for the trust business. The company established a trust business in 1998 and set up 35 trusts in overseas

  • Global real estate investment

    Global real estate investment

    East Capital has more than 20 years of experience in real estate investment, the current focus on all overseas markets, such as the United Kingdom, the United States, Singapore, Malaysia and other pla

Business profile


Our advantage

Twenty years of experience cast a hard investment experience

  • AXA Insurance

    AXA Insurance

    For people

    Travelers who travel to travel abroad for 1-80 years of age, guaranteed coverage and rates. Up to 1 million underwriting, diamond / crown plan to meet visa needs; AXA 24-hour travel agency

  • [UK investment immigrants]

    [UK investment immigrants]

    Investment of 2 million pounds, the British right of abode:

    Acceleration channel:

    1. invest 5 million pounds, 3 years will be permanent;

    2. Investment of 10 million pounds, 2 years will be permanen

  • Oriental domain private equity fund global issue

    Oriental domain private equity fund global issue

    Buy 100-10000 dollars, 1% per day, the principal interest at any time to mention.

    Recommended 1-15 members, you can enjoy 1-15 generation of daily team interest 5%

    Business Center: 10,000 US dollars

  • Victorian mansion (victoria court)

    Victorian mansion (victoria court)

    Country: United Kingdom

    Area: Essex Uses: Owned type, investment type

    Property rights: 199 Property area: 66.5O-80O

    Completion time: the third quarter of 2017

    Details of the Advisory online custom

Global business

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